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Level 20-21 recommended.

Starting the quest[]

Speak to Frostia at X:252 Y:602 in Eversun South. She will tell you she is looking for her husband, Easy Oak, and give you Frostia's Request. Enter nearby Canute Canal.

Help Easy Oak to collect 15 Nerdroot[]

Easy Oak

Easy Oak

Easy Oak is located at X:44 Y:144 in Canute Canal (Pearly Frog area). He will ask you to collect 15 Nerdroot within Canute Canal. They are located at the following coordinates:

  • X:125 Y:153
  • X:110 Y:175
  • X:88 Y:185
  • X:93 Y:203
  • X:118 Y:207
  • X:151 Y:218
  • X:164 Y:201
  • X:141 Y:132
  • X:160 Y:144
  • X:113 Y:136

The Nerdroot DO "regrow" after a certain period of time, so since there are only 10 unique locations you will have to revisit 5.

Frostia's Talisman[]

The talisman given to Easy Oak by Frostia.

After giving him the Nerdroot, Easy Oak will need Frostia's Talisman. This drops from a random Chestbeater in Canute.

Escorting Easy Oak[]

After he receives the Talisman, he will need you to escort him from his current location to the entrance of Canute Canal. Easy Oak will SLOWLY move and attack anything in his path (and lose HP) so either clear the path for him or have him target one monster, then lure that monster toward the door. Once he has left Canute, you may leave and speak to Frostia for your rewards.