After completing Learn How To Fly and raising your flying level to 10, this mission will automatically be added to your mission journal. The Flying Pupu Trainer located in Swan Lake Basin can help people raise their flying level, so you are asked to look for him. Be sure you have a weapon you can fly on with you before you start the mission!

Tasks[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to the Flying Pupu Trainer located at X:309 Y:402 just outside Tranquilton in Swan Lake Basin. He tells you he trains Flying Pupus until they are ready to spread their wings and float to wherever the wind takes them. Your character has some doubts about this, so the Flying Pupu Trainer suggests you hop on your weapon and check out the skies yourself to see if there are any Flying Pupu in Swan Lake.
  • Rabbit Fur.gif Your goal is to find 5 Flying Pupu located near major areas in Swan Lake Basin and get their nose prints on piece a Flying Pupu Toilet Paper by clicking the Pupus.
  • The Flying Pupus are at the following locations and do not have to be found in order:

X Y Location
304 396 In the tree above the Flying Pupu Trainer, by the Ancestral Shrine.
180 471 Atop a pillar outside Neptune's Temple.
323 119 Above the Phoenix Tower entrance.
472 246 Atop Medicine Monarch's Memorial.
565 494 In front of a windmill by the Farm landing pad.


Note: the circle placements of the flying instructor pupu and the farmland pupu are not accurate on the map.

  • When you have all 5 prints, return to the Flying Pupu Trainer to raise your flying level to 13. If you speak to the Trainer again you can attempt to find all 5 Flying Pupus within 20 minutes, after which he will raise your flying level to 16. The time remaining will be indicated on the Flying Pupu Toilet Paper.
  • For any subsequent quest completions, you will receive a Red Pig Dice Chest.
  • Once your flying level has reached 16, the Star of Flying Pupu quest will be added to your Mission Journal.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

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