Landing Pad

A landing pad

If you have completed the first flying quest, you may fly by opening your Skills Window (Ctrl + X), going to the Everyday skills tab and selecting the Flying icon. Flying

You may only fly in fields and towns. Be aware that flying can get your character stuck, in particular with mountains, and that you cannot always enter dungeon portals by flying (e.g. Farrell Family Crypt, Canute Canal (Eversun South) and Canute Canal (Blakatoa)).

Fly You can move using standard movement controls or autofly by clicking a spot on your map. When flying manually, you may press Num Lock to fly without clicking and use the arrows of your keyboard or your mouse to direct your character.

In autofly mode, your character may pass through objects such as mountains, and switching to manual flying may get you stuck inside these objects. To get out, click an area on the map to autofly again and ascend above the object.

Land Landing can be done at landing pads, located by a light blue V on your map. To land, hover above a landing pad and click the land icon above your chat box.


The following quests increase your flying speed:

Speed is dependent on race.

Flying level Shura speed Human speed Sylph speed Sprite speed
1 47 48 48 49
5 51 52 52 53
10 56 57 57 58
13 59 60 60 61
16 62 63 63 64
19 65 66 66 67
22 68 69 69 70

It is possible to use various job skills to temporarily increase speed by casting them before flying on the weapon (e.g., Thief's Fast Getaway or Run Amok). Additionally, Item Mall consumables that increase movement speed, such as Breeze Pills, Gale Pills or Hurricane Pills, will temporarily increase your flying speed.

Flying itemsEdit

You may fly with any available weapon that can be equipped by your job. If you used a downgrade item on your weapon, you must be at the weapon's unaltered level to fly on it. Certain beginner weapons cannot be used to fly.

You may also fly with pets that have gained the ability from Flying Upgrade Stones. Flying with a pet adds 10 movement speed.

There are special flying items, some which increase your flying speed. Some of them are rewards in seasonal events, others can be purchased through the Item Mall.

Icon Name Notes
Beginner's Saber Trainer Flying-Sword Gained from Learn How To Fly.
Sold by Randy Charleston for 100g.
Lollipop Lollipop
Sledge Sledge
(AKA Pu Sleigh)
JinDo Cloud Jindo Cloud Released 2015/04/02 (7 and 30 day)
Jindo Cloud II Jindo Cloud II Unreleased
Jindo Cloud III Jindo Cloud III Unreleased
Flying Ice Crystal Flying Ice Crystal Unreleased
Magic Carpet I Magical Carpet I Released 2015/04/02 (7 and 30 day)
Magic Carpet II Magical Carpet II Unreleased
Magic Carpet III Magical Carpet III Released
Magic Carpet IV Magical Carpet IV Released
Magical Broom Magical Broom Released 2015/04/02 (7 and 30 day)
Blue Carp Flag Blue Carp Flag Unreleased
Red Carp Flag Red Carp Flag Unreleased
Blue Surfboard (Flying) Blue Surfboard Unreleased
Green Surfboard (Flying) Green Surfboard Unreleased
Red Surfboard (Flying) Red Surfboard Unreleased
Flying Girl Pu Flying Girl Pu Quest reward from Flying Sword Time Attack.

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