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Flying Pupu Coupon


Type Coupon
Category Tool
Description A bill which can be taken to the banker and exchanged for coins (amount depends on current exchange rate).
Stack 100
Shop Unit Price 25g

Obtain from

Dropped by Bandit Chef, Banana Monkey, Corpse-Cruncher, Crimson Glob, Dark Zombie, Divine Female Kuku, Divine Kuku Egg, Divine Male Kuku, King-Size Kuku King, Fox Cub, Forest Ladybug, Giant Butterfly, Giant Caskmaster, Ivy Spirit (Grassgreen Square), Junior Wizard, King Glob, King-Size Kuku Egg, King-Size Kuku Mama, King-Size Kuku Papa, Lazy-Eyed Lizard, Male Bird of Paradise, Man-Eating Zombie, Ice Zombie, Undead Corpse, Withered Wisewood