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Fox Cub

Fox Cub

Level 26
Job Fencer
Element Metal Metal
Skill None
Behavior Aggro if the player's HP is half depleted
Capturable Unknown
Location Giantwood Forest
Experience 2600
Fame None
Quests Fox Pelt Collection Mission
HP 2789
Physical Attack 136
Physical Defense 74
Accuracy 20
Evasion 20
Magic Attack 81
Magic Defense 35
Magic Accuracy 0
Magic Evasion 2
Drop Rate
Bat Wing 7.5%
Voodoo Poison Bug x24 8%
Foxy Fox's Perfume 4.5%
Ox Onyx (20~30, slot 2) Rare
Fox Cub Pelt (Quest item) Unknown
Lv6 Tinges of Spring Scroll Recipe Unknown
Lv6 Puppet Premonition Scroll Recipe Unknown
Recipe: Steel-Beaded Abacus
27 gold
Iron Arrow x24
Bat Wing
  • Note: Drop rates based on 200 kills with slight luck.