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Notes: Initially two NPCs. Talking to them will transform them into higher leveled, yet weaker versions of a Fox Cub. They will not spawn again until you've moved away from their standing place. They cannot be talked to while mounted. The NPC that triggers the attack as well as the dialogue depends on the character. If the character is male, talking to Sarah and choosing either option will cause them to attack. If the character is female and has large breasts (assuming E or above), talking to Vicky will cause them to attack. Female sprites or females with small breasts (less than E) cannot trigger them at all.
Foxy Fox

Foxy Fox

Level 35
Job Commoner
Element Fire Fire
Skill None
Behavior Unknown
Capturable Unknown
Location Giantwood Forest
(X:247 Y:381)
Experience 4610
Fame None
Quests Unknown
HP 1700
Physical Attack Unknown
Physical Defense Unknown
Accuracy Unknown
Evasion Unknown
Magic Attack Unknown
Magic Defense Unknown
Magic Accuracy Unknown
Magic Evasion Unknown
Drop Rate
Ringing Wristband Unknown
Tinklet Unknown
Gold-Trimmed Scarf Unknown
Gold-Trimmed Stockings Unknown
Gold-Trimmed Dancer's Costume Unknown
Nothing to steal.