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NPC Red Crystal

The entrance to the Garnet Godwin's Lair is located on the first floor of Emperor Gang Hideout at X:37 Y:310, through a red crystal. To enter, you must be a member of a Guild, but you do not have to be in the lair with your guildmates. Unlike other instances, the death penalty in this lair is -10% experience.

Note: Only elder or above can open Garnet Godwin mission.

Collecting 100 Garnet Godwin Prints will unlock level 70 on one job (see Potential development).



BugBug! Aeria: Chests don't always disappear from the previous party's instance.


  • As Garnet Godwin's HP goes down, monsters will spawn, with later waves getting bigger than the last. Either kill each wave slowly or have a dedicated tank kite them.
    • Additionally, Mana Turrets will spawn, causing high amounts of long ranged damage. Kill them as soon as possible.
  • Garnet Godwin's Human Spirit attack will deal approximately 90% of your HP in damage. Run away from it if you can.
    • The range is indicated by a large warning circle. Red means it will only hit one person. White-blue means it turns into an AoE.
  • If the battle lasts over 20 minutes, she will start teleporting the person with the highest amount of aggro into a room with strong Demonic Daisies. This room will be very difficult to escape without dying. Make sure if she does this, the next person to have aggro can handle her.


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