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Suggested level: 20

Mission given by: Hank Reese

Location: Eversun South X:244 Y:600

Mission briefing: Laurie, Hank and Ian Reese are members of the Citizens' Society, and are sworn brothers. Although they are from a poor background, they want to make a name for themselves. As the Gathering of the Citizens' Society approaches, they think that they will make it big if they do well there and get recognition from the elders.


Hank Reese's brothers have been lost since they entered Canute Canal. After speaking to Hank, you will receive Hank Reese's Bamboo Staff and will be instructed to look for Hank's brothers.

Pink Mini Moth Fairy


Once inside Canute, speak to Apple (X:96 Y:190) for information on the brothers. Instead she will want you to retrieve 12 Bat Wings for her (drop from Female Vampire Bats). After you have gathered them, she decides she doesn't want them and will have you play a mini-game.

Mini game: Wing pulling[]

Time limit: 30 minutes

  1. Click on the Batlings and pull their wings.
  2. Click on the wooden box and place the wings inside.
  3. Mission is failed if the Batlings are killed.

Mission objective: Put 12 wings into the wooden box within the time limit.

Technically you will be pulling 13 wings, as a larger bat appears at the end. Reward for the mini-game: 1500 experience points.

When the game is complete, speak to Hank Reese again. He will ask you to find his brother, Laurie at the Pavilion in Eversun South (X:372 Y:535). After speaking to him, he can teleport you to Phoenix Tower.

Mahogany Box Find Ian Reese on the second floor of Phoenix Tower (X:245 Y:43) to activate the final fight against Bat King (level 25 Thief, Earth, 103,273 HP). You will have 30 minutes to defeat him. You will receive 23,520 experience points and a Mahogany Box.

When everyone is safe, you will return to the Pavilion in Eversun South (X:372 Y:535). After giving the brothers the Mahogany Box, you will receive your final rewards.