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Area Boss This is an Area Boss.
Giant Flying Noisy Snake

Giant Flying Noisy Snake

Level 60
Job Musician
Element Water Water
Skill Unknown
Behavior Aggro
Capturable No
Location Dragon's Den
(X:230 Y:265)
(X:290 Y:310)
(X:160 Y:120)
Experience 402,600
Fame 540
Quests Unknown
HP 382,479
Physical Attack 439
Physical Defense 150
Accuracy 45
Evasion 45
Magic Attack 269
Magic Defense 215
Magic Accuracy Unknown
Magic Evasion Unknown
Drop Rate
Angelica Unknown
Dreamstone x? Unknown
Savage Wrist Guards Unknown
Onyx of Charioteering (50~60) Unknown
Lv8 Puppet Prolong Life Scroll Recipe Unknown
Lv8 Vines of Early Autumn Scroll Recipe Unknown
Recipe: Hydrogen Hammer
Recipe: Nine-Rings
135 gold