For the monster in Placid Plain, see Giant Hedgehog (Placid Plain).
Giant Hedgehog

Giant Hedgehog

Level 20
Job Fencer
Element Earth Earth
Skill None
Behavior Passive
Capturable Unknown
Experience 1,750
Fame None
HP 1,867
Physical Attack 85
Physical Defense 59
Accuracy 15
Evasion 15
Magic Attack 55
Magic Defense 29
Magic Accuracy 0
Magic Evasion 2
Drop Rate
Black Spider Juice11%
Embroidered Handkerchief13%
Iron Arrow x2411%
Pupu Coupon9%
Amethyst (E)1%
Ox OnyxUnknown
Treasure Map of Copperhorn Mountain2%
Citrine (E)3%
Tigerseye (E)8%
Agate (E)2%
Recipe: Poleax (Copperhorn Mountain)
22 gold
Iron Arrow x16
Black Spider Juice

The following items are dropped by asterisk monsters.
**Giant Hedgehog
Bronze Greaves
Amethyst (E)
Onyx of Inspiration: Mage Defense
Embroidered Handkerchief
Obsidian (E)
*Giant Hedgehog
Onyx of Finality: Earth Flaw
Obsidian (E)
Pupu Coupon
Black Spider Juice
Turquoise (E)
  • Note: drop rates based on 200 kills with strong luck.
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