Hard Shelled Tortoise

Giant Turtle

Level 30
Job Mercenary
Element Water Water
Skill Worser Water Cannon
Behavior Aggro
Capturable Capturable
Location Neptune's Temple
Experience 4800
Fame Unknown
Quests Secret of Pandora's Box
Rowan Reese Rescue Mission
HP 5291
Physical Attack 169
Physical Defense 154
Accuracy 23
Evasion 23
Magic Attack 98
Magic Defense 34
Magic Accuracy 0
Magic Evasion -3
Drop Rate
Conch Shell17%
Frog x67%
Violet Gold Bellflower13%
Giant Turtle Shell Plate (Quest only)8.3%
Tortoise Shell (Quest only)21.3%
Lv6 Puppet Water Spirits Scroll RecipeUnknown
Lv11 Acid Rain's Curse Scroll RecipeUnknown
Recipe: Fretwork Abacus
35 gold
Frog x7
Conch Shell
  • Note: Giant Turtle Shell Plate drop rate based on 60 kills with super luck.
  • Note: Other drop rates based on 234 kills with super luck.
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