Giantwood manor

Map of Giantwood Manor

The entrance to this dungeon is at X:178 Y:132 in Giantwood Forest.


Name X Y
Benny Marshall 200 265
Fabric Merchant 425 317
Lyra 197 267


Name Job Level Element
Blue Giantwood Bird Dancer 30 Water Water
Red Giantwood Bird Shaman 33 Fire Fire
Foxfire Fighter Mercenary 36 Wood Wood
Foxfire Blademaster Blademaster 39 Wood Wood
Charred Wisewood Fencer 43 Wood Wood
Mutant Wisewood Fencer 45 Wood Wood
Demonic Lion Lord Witch Doctor 49 Earth Earth
Possessed Runt Merchant 52 Wood Wood
Hollow Skeleton Soldier Fencer 54 Metal Metal
Ensorceled Banshee Musician 56 Water Water
Bewitched Ghost Wizard 58 Water Water


Name Job Level Element
Lightning Saber Fox Thief 42 Fire Fire
Mystic Stone Lion Mercenary 55 Earth Earth
Immortal Wisewood Crone Witch Doctor 62 Water Water


Hero of Giantwood Manor

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