Grand Caretaker Sprite
Grand Caretaker Sprite

Race: Sprite
Gender: Male


Academy of Mirrors (X:456 Y:110)


Purify the Academy

Grand Caretaker Sprite is a Quest NPC.

Required level: 65

He is located at X:456 Y:110 in Academy of Mirrors and gives you a Purify Mirror Academy Certificate to start the quest. Note that it is just one quest instead of 4 separate quests.

Purify the Academy Mission[edit | edit source]

Rewards[edit | edit source]

First completion:

Subsequent completions:

After finishing the quests, you can talk to the Grand Caretaker Sprite again to either redo the quest or obtain a Spirit Collecting Orb.

The title allows you to talk to Jasmine to complete her set of quests and to talk to Simon to complete his quest.

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