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Unlike a team, guilds are a non-temporary group of people you can chat, party or make friends with. Guilds may be focused on anything or nothing at all. Guild requirements may be determined by the Chairperson and Elders. Guild chat is indicated by the yellow text in your chatbox. The guild window can be accessed by pressing Ctrl + B.

There are many existing guilds in the game already. For information on guilds that may be recruiting, try broadcasting in Eversun City.



  • A team of 6 guildless players level 20+
  • A fee of 40,000 gold

If you wish to create a guild, take the team to the Guild Master (X:415, Y:244) in Collington and pay the fee. Make sure you are satisfied with the spelling of your guild name as you cannot change it unless you disband and pay again. All 6 party members will now have their own position in the guild, with the team leader becoming the Chairperson.

A system announcement will be broadcast saying that your guild has been established.

Historical note: In 2008, the maximum guild capacity was reached on the Aeria's Onyx server in 2008. The guild capacity was increased to 768 for both Aeria servers, along with the guild creation fee being raised from 40k to 100k.[1]


If the Chairperson has not logged on in 30 days, the system will transfer their position to the Elder that has contributed the most guild fame. If there are no Elders, it will go to the Branch Head that has contributed the most guild fame. A guild will automatically be disbanded if the Chairperson leaves and there is no appropriate person to take over. Any guild member that has been inactive for at least 180 days will be automatically kicked.

Ability Chairperson Elder Branch Head Member***
Add members Yes Yes Yes No
Remove members Yes Yes* Yes* No
Change branch names Yes No No No
Change guild notice Yes Yes No No
Start guild missions Yes Yes Yes No
Assign members to branch Yes Yes Yes** No
Appoint Elders Yes No No No
Appoint Branch Heads Yes Yes No No
Demote members Yes No No No
Set guild warehouse permission Yes Yes No No
Set guild bank permission Yes No No No

* Cannot remove those at a higher or equal position as them.
** Branch heads can only assign members to their own branch.
*** Member includes Advanced Members, Normal Members and Members

Guild levels[]

The Chairperson of the guild must visit the Guild Master (X:415, Y:244) in Collington and pay the fee each time they wish to level up the guild. Guild rankings are displayed on the Billboards in Eversun North, Eversun South, Darkdale and Collington. Raising the guild level brings various benefits at different guild levels. At level 2 you can access your private warehouse and personal bank.

A guild message will be shown when the guild has reached its fame limit.

Level Fame Max. members Fee
Level 1 0 40 40,000
Level 2 250 45 40,000
Level 3 550 50 50,000
Level 4 900 55 60,000
Level 5 1300 60 70,000
Level 6 1750 65 80,000
Level 7 2500 70 90,000
Level 8 3000 75 100,000
Level 9 3600 80 120,000
Level 10 4300 85 140,000
Level 11 5100 90 160,000
Level 12 6900 95 180,000
Level 13 8100 100 210,000
Level 14 9500 105 240,000
Level 15 11,100 110 270,000
Level 16 17,000 115 300,000
Level 17 26,000 120 330,000
Level 18 38,000 125 400,000
Level 19 53,000 130 450,000
Level 20 83,000 135 500,000
Level 21 116,000 140 550,000
Level 22 152,000 145 600,000
Level 23 191,000 150 700,000
Level 24 233,000 155 800,000
Level 25 300,000 160 900,000

Guild fame[]

Fame to level up the guild can be achieved in one of the following ways:

Guild Cottage[]

The Guild Cottage is a private area for guild members and can be accessed via the Guild Crystal in each city. Despite locations in each city, there is only one guild cottage, not four. Within each cottage is a Banker, a Recycling Brother and Guild Crystal to access the guild bank and warehouses. However, guild warehouses are only available when the guild level has been raised to 2.

Guild quests[]

Currently in the English version, the only guild quest is the Protect the Darkdale Mines, given by the Darkdale Miners' Union President at X:160 Y:171 in Darkdale. In this quest, your guild must defeat One-Eyed Warriors (level 65 178,300HP) and Madam Malachite (level 70 4,931,582HP).

The unavailable guild quests are Save the Tranquilton Hostages (requires 10,000 gold and 100 fame, 40hr restart) and The Challenge of the Phoenix.

Guild Salary[]

The guild window keeps track of how long you have been online in a month and in a single session, if you log out your online time will be added to the monthly time. With this monthly time spend online you can get useful items/points by deciding to turn the time into Guild Coin by taking salary or contribute it to the guild.

Guild Coin can only be taken at a specific time each month, between 5th and 10th. To be able to take salary you need to be in the guild for atleast 7 days, and have more then 1 hour in your online time of this month. The amount of coins you get is depending on your online time of this month, contribution (both fame and point), rank, the guilds level and your joining date. However, donating too many time points at a time ends up reducing your Guild Coin salary.

If you contribute your time spend online to the guild, every hour spend online will turn into 1 time point. These time points turn into the skill points the guild needs to level up the Guild skills.

Guild skills[]

For more details, see Guild skills.

Active skills[]

War Cry War Cry
Increase *% ATK Damage in * seconds when team up with guild members.
Evasive Maneuvers Evasive Maneuvers
Increase *% Evasion in * seconds when team up with guild members.
Roll Call Roll Call
Calling all online guild members to the Chairperson.

Passive skills[]

Providence of Wealth Providence of Wealth
Increase *% ATK Damage in * seconds when team up with guild members.
Iron Fist Iron Fist
Increase *% ATK when team up with guild members.
Lightning Speed Lightning Speed
Increase *% moving speed when team up with guild members.
Knight's Shield (skill) Knight's Shield (skill)
Increase *% DEF when team up with guild members.
Eye for an Eye Eye for an Eye
Increase *% Magic Reflect rate when team up with guild members.
Brave and Wise Brave and Wise
Increase *% M.ATK when team up with guild members.
Tempered Will Tempered Will
Increase *% Max HP when team up with guild members.
Divine Protection Divine Protection
Increase *% M.DEF when team up with guild members.
Eternal Wisdom Eternal Wisdom
Increase *% Max MP when team up with guild members.

Guild Castles[]

Each guild has an opportunity to take over a Guild Castle, a private area for guilds who own them. Guild castles are located in certain field maps across the world. There are various merits for owning a guild castle, such as an Ironmonger-type NPC, a Mailbox, a Recycling Brother, a Banker, and Mr. & Mrs. Marshall the Banker. Every Sunday, a Guilded Blade will spawn in a chest in each guild castle.


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