Guild Competition Organizer
NPC Shura Female 8

Race: Shura
Gender: Female


Arena (X:141 Y:159)



Guild Competition Organizer is a NPC.

The Guild Competition Organizer is where a guild can declare war on another guild, while betting an amount of gold. This is one of two types of Guild Wars.


Unlike warring for castles, a guild can declare war at any time. While the system is in use, no other guild can use it. The Chairperson or Elder of a guild can type in the name of a guild they wish to fight, and then they can bet an amount of gold from the guild funds. A system announcement will occur, stating that the Chairperson or Elder of the opposing guild must accept or deny the fight within 10 minutes.

If the guild denies the battle request or if no response has been made within 10 minutes, the war is cancelled and the gold will be returned to the guild funds. If the guild accepts the battle request, then everyone from both guilds has 10 minutes to gather and prepare. After 10 minutes, the fight starts. Players can still enter the map until the fight ends.


The goal is to fight each other and achieve the highest amount of points within 30 minutes. The winning guild gets all the gold and a victory point will be recorded on the Guild War billboard.

Points are determined as such:

  • Killing a player that is more than 5 levels lower than you is 1 point.
  • Killing a player within 5 levels of yourself is 2 points.
  • Killing a player that is more than 5 levels higher than you is 3 points.

If a pet kills a player, then the pet's level is used instead.

Despite the setup being in the Arena, Scapegoat Dolls, Beast Mode, and all mods are enabled in this environment. The usage of active Guild skills are enabled.

The map is the Hill Arena, which is also used in Cosmic Cannon Battle (B matches) and Hill Death Match (A matches).