Guild Girl
NPC Sylph Female 7

Race: Sylph
Gender: Female


Guild Cottage (X:141 Y:82)



Guild Girl is a Merchant NPC.

The Guild Girl is used to unlock Guild Facilities, which include decorations, Merchant NPCs, portals, and quests. Material donations are required to unlock each facility, as well as a minimum guild level. Each facility costs material points and money from guild funds. To gain material points, refined collection items must be contributed to her. Authority settings can be changed to who can use the Guild Girl to purchase the facilities.

Guild FacilitiesEdit

Guild Level Req. Option Mat Points/Funds
1 Guild Merchant I All collection mats 100, Funds 100k
3 Decoration: Bird Pillar Forestry 500, Farming 500, Funds 100k
3 Guild Quest I: Ritual Forestry 1500, Farming 1500, Funds 200k
4 Decoration: Turtle Fishing 500, Mining 1k, Funds 100k
4 Decoration: Pig Mining 1k, Herding 500, Funds 100k
4 Decoration: Elephant Farming 500, Mining 1k, Funds 100k
6 Decoration: Drum Forestry 1.5k, Herding 1k, Funds 100k
7 Decoration: Pi-pa Herding 1.5k, Meditation 1k, Funds 100k
7 Decoration: Twin Crane Clock Herding 1k, Meditation 1.5k, Funds 100k
8 Guild Merchant II All collection mats 300, Funds 50k
10 Cottage Room I Forestry and Mining 5k, others are 1k, Funds 300k
15 Guild Merchant III All collection mats 500, Funds 100k
20 Cottage Room II Forestry and Mining 10k, others are 2k, Funds 500k
22 Teleport Fairy All collection mats 5000, Funds 1m

Material Point ValueEdit

Mat Level Normal Excel
1 1 2
2 2 4
3 4 8
4 8 16
5 12 24
6 18 36
7 27 54
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