Monster Hard This is an Area Boss.
Haha Bamboo

Haha Bamboo

Level 29
Job Commoner
Element Wood Wood
Behavior Aggro
Capturable Unknown
Location Placid Plain
(X:574 Y:369)
(X:583 Y:326)
(X:368 Y:586)
Experience 6100
Fame 86
Quests Collect Eastern Dragon Spirit
HP 5402
Physical Attack 161
Physical Defense 70
Accuracy 22
Evasion 22
Magic Attack 94
Magic Defense 40
Magic Accuracy 0
Magic Evasion 2
Drop Rate
Scorpion BangleUnknown
Square ShieldUnknown
Dreamstone x2Unknown
Pupu Coupon x2Unknown
Flying Pupu Coupon x2Unknown
Black Spider Juice (Chance of Excell)Unknown
Onyx of Music (20~30)Unknown
Eastern Dragon Spirit (Quest only)100%
Lv6 Fire of Sultry Summer Scroll RecipeUnknown
Lv6 Puppet Frog Force Scroll RecipeUnknown
Recipe: Iron Staff
Recipe: Hair-Raising Halberd
64 gold
Black Spider Juice
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