Halloween Treats


Type Consumable
Category Tool
Description Good Luck.
Effects Best Luck
Notes Open to receive a random timed or permanent Halloween-themed costume piece. Only available during the Halloween Event.

Used for

Prize Chance to receive one of the following costume pieces (timed or permanent).
  • Big Wolf Headgear.gif Big Wolf Headgear
  • Big Wolf Costume.gif Big Wolf Costume
  • Princess' Tiara.gif Princess' Tiara
  • Princess Costume.gif Princess Costume
  • Witch Costume I.gif Witch Costume I
  • Witch's Hat I.gif Witch's Hat I
  • Red Witch Costume I.gif Vermilion Witch Costume (F)
  • Red Witch's Hat I.gif Vermilion Witch Hat
  • Black Witch Costume I.gif Golden Witch Costume (F)
  • Black Witch's Hat I.gif Golden Witch Hat
  • Devil Costume.gif Devil Costume
  • Skeleton Costume.gif Skeleton Costume
  • Skeleton Hat.gif Skeleton Hat
  • Magic Girl Costume.gif Magic Girl Costume
  • Magic Girl Hat.gif Magic Girl Hat
  • Magic Wand.gif Magic Wand
  • Maid Outfit.gif Maid Outfit
  • Maid Costume Headband.gif Maid Costume Headband
  • Scrubs.gif Scrubs
  • Nurse's Outfit.gif Nurse's Outfit
  • Nurse's Hat.gif Nurse's Hat
  • Pirate Costume.gif Pirate Costume
  • Pirate's Hat.gif Pirate's Hat
  • RPG Character Costume (M).gif RPG Character Costume (M)
  • RPG Character Costume (F).gif RPG Character Costume (F)
  • Whirling Hairpin.gif Whirling Hairpin
  • Jack's Costume.gif Jack's Costume
  • Jack's Pumpkin Head.gif Jack's Pumpkin Head
  • Witch Costume.gif Witch Costume
  • Witch's Hat.gif Witch's Hat
  • The Joker Suit (M).gif The Joker Suit (M)
  • Zombie Costume (male).gif Zombie Costume (male)
  • Zombie Costume (female).gif Zombie Costume (female)
  • Zombie Hat.gif Zombie Hat

Obtain from

Sold by Traveling Vendor via exchanging Halloween Costume Pieces
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