For the seasonal event and Vanity pet related to him, see Mid-Autumn Festival.
Harry Hare
Harry Hare

Race: Rabbit
Gender: Male

  • White Radish Collection Mission
  • Sweet Powder Collection Mission
  • Red Carrot Collection Mission
  • Curious Carrot Collection Mission

Harry Hare is a Quest NPC.

He is located at X:240 Y:432 in Grassgreen Square and gives the following quests:

Note: You must have previously completed Jack Rabbit's quests before you can start Harry's.

(you have to be at least level 26 in order to get experiece points)

White Radish Collection MissionEdit

Collect 45 White Radishes by killing Red Foxes.


Sweet Powder Collection MissionEdit

Collect 45 Sweet Powders by killing Noxious Nymphalidae.


Red Carrot Collection MissionEdit

Collect 50 Red Carrots by killing Divine Female Kukus.


Note: Required to be at least level 28 in order to receive exp points.

Curious Carrot Collection MissionEdit

Collect one curious carrot by killing the Divine Kuku King.


Note: Required at least level 33 in order to receive exp points.

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