For the Grassgreen Square NPC, see Harry Hare.
For the seasonal event and Vanity pet related to him, see Mid-Autumn Festival.
Harry Hare
Harry Hare

Race: Rabbit
Gender: Male

  • Collect Mini Carrot
  • Collect Red Baby Carrot
  • Collect Black Baby Carrots Mission

Harry Hare is a Quest NPC.

He is located at X:189 Y:111 in Mount Babel and gives the following quests:

Note: [edit | edit source]

  • You must also KEEP the Assorted Carrots Gift box that is rewarded for finish the quests, it is a usable item but DO-NOT-USE!! it. If you do you won't be able to start Jenny's quests and you'll have to re-do all of Harry Hares.
  • Always KEEP at least 3-4 inventory slots open when returning Harry Hare's quests. If your inventory is full the quest will be turned in but you won't receive credit due to a glitch. This will force you to redo the quest!

Tips:[edit | edit source]

Rabbits around Placid Plain Teleport switch every daytime-nighttime in game time.

Black Rabbits (6:00-18:00)

Red Rabbits (18:00-6:00)

Collect Mini Carrot[edit | edit source]

Collect 50 Mini Carrots from Red Rabbit Soldier or Black Rabbit Pawn. Level 56 recommended.


Collect Red Baby Carrot[edit | edit source]

Collect 50 Red Baby Carrots from Red Rabbits* (except from Red Rabbit Solder). Level 57~60 recommended.


Collect Black Fermented Carrot[edit | edit source]

Collect 50 Black Fermented Carrots from Black Rabbits* (except from Black Rabbit Pawn). Level 57~60 recommended.


Fourth task[edit | edit source]

Defeat one Spirit of the Fallen Rabbit Army in a plot event (you can use Pandora's Box Hanging).


  • The Assorted Carrots Gift box


  1. Must be at least level 61 in order to receive experience.
  2. KEEP!! the Assorted Carrots Gift box for Jenny's quest. If it's your first time.


After completing this mission, you can begin the quest given from Jenny.

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