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Notes: Summons clones that do a lot of damage.
File:Headless Giant Hero.png

Headless Giant Hero

Level 85
Job Boss
Element Non-Elemental
  • Explosion: Single target skill damage and negative skill effects, Causes ?point? attribute damage to the player. Affected by the detonation, the movement speed is reduced by 10%, the attack speed is reduced by 10%, and the damage taken is increased by 10%, lasting 180 seconds. Can be negated by Breeze Pill
  • Devil Slash: Single target skill damage and negative skill effects
  • Destroy the world: ?Physical skill damage
  • Extreme Destroy the Heaven and Earth: Physical skill damage
Behavior Aggro
Capturable Unknown
Location True Trial Tower
Experience Unknown
Fame None
Quests None
HP 13,236,403
Physical Attack Unknown
Physical Defense Unknown
Accuracy Unknown
Evasion Unknown
Magic Attack Unknown
Magic Defense Unknown
Magic Accuracy Unknown
Magic Evasion Unknown
Drop Rate
Unknown Unknown
Nothing to steal