Heir of the Farrels
NPC Human Male 18

Race: Human
Gender: Male

  • Pet quest

Heir of the Farrels is a Quest NPC.

Required level: 20

Location: Farrell Family Crypt (X:287 Y:299), at the entrance inside the crypt just down the first staircase

Repeatable: No, but can be accomplished twice (however, you can still join a team to help others with the quest)

You must protect a Dairy Pu from two attack waves of Sombre Zombies. In addition to the Zombie attacks, the Dairy Pu can be killed or harmed by you, pets, and team members, so be cautious when using area-of-effect (AoE) attacks. Using AoEs that are targeted and Mock Monsters is best advised.

Using Mock Monsters can keep the zombies away from the Pu but only for a short amount of time. The Dairy Pu can be moved up the stairs with Red Claw Bugs.

The Heir of the Farrells will give you a warning before the zombies come. You can use this warning to time AoEs to hit the zombies when they spawn, immediately drawing them to attack you.

0:00 - Heir of the Farrells: "I see zombies coming! Watch out!"
0:08 - First wave of three (3) Sombre Zombies spawn.
1:08 - Second wave of six (5) Sombre Zombies spawn.

Only the leader of the team gets the reward.


Do the quest a second time for this reward:

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