High Alchemist Paracelsus
NPC Sylph Male 4

Race: Sylph
Gender: Male


High Level Alchemy

High Alchemist Paracelsus is a Quest NPC.

High Level Alchemy QuestEdit

In order to receive the HLA qualification you must have at least 1 level 60+ job and at least level 30 Alchemy.

Once you have these, talk to High Alchemist Paracelsus while on a 60+ job to begin the HLA quests. High Alchemist Paracelsus will ask you which HLA discipline you would like to undertake: Weapon, Armor, or Tool. Note: Once you decide a discipline you are stuck with this choice. You can also only complete the quest once to receive just one discipline and its respective title.

Quest 1Edit

  • Turn in 10 Bronze Ore (Same for all 3 disciplines)

Quest 2Edit

Quest 3Edit

Quest 4Edit


Type Title Recipe 1 Recipe 2
Weapon Arms Alchemist Abrasive Agent Steel Blade
Armor Armor Alchemist Dissolving Agent Steel Plate
Tool Elixir Alchemist Adhesive Agent Metallic Element
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