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Inn Basement

Map of Inn Basement

The entrance to this dungeon is located at (X:174 Y:261) within the Eversun Inn in Eversun City. You must complete the Abandoned Mortuary quest series given by the Mysterious Elder at (X:190 Y:283) outside the inn. If the leader of your team has completed the mission already, you will be able to follow this person in but will not be able to enter on your own.


Name X Y
Campbell 275 214
Sewer Sentinel 277 230
Greedy Caskmaster 375 355


Name Job Level Element
Caskmaster Martial Artist 20 Non-Elemental
Greedy Rat Dancer 16 Metal Metal
Pupu President Corpse Merchant 17 Metal Metal
Toxic Trunk Witch Doctor 19 Non-Elemental
Weird Caskmaster Martial Artist 20 Non-Elemental


Name Job Level Element
Giant Caskmaster Martial Artist 30 Fire Fire
Greedy Rat Governor Dancer 25 Metal Metal


Recipe Pots[]

Recipe X Y
Silk Stockings 310 242
Cotton Dancer's Costume 374 183
Ankle Biter 343 267
Wooden Hairband 251 413
Shell Wristband 348 357