The entrance to this dungeon is located in Bigbeam City (X:200 Y:129). You must complete the Sneak into BigBeam Residency quest to access this place on your own.



Name X Y
Police Xue 466 139
Rat Brother 242 270


Name Job Level Element
Mechanical Kuku Bird Thief 51 Water Water
Combat Gyro Soldier Mercenary 53 Metal Metal
Xiaoguaizih Soldier Hunter 55 Wood Wood
Pig Iron Spider Martial Artist 56 Metal Metal
Combat Gyro Commander Hunter 56 Metal Metal
Iron Spider Martial Artist 58 Metal Metal
Patrolling Drummer Machine Doctor 60 Non-Elemental
Mobile Kuku Bird Witch Doctor 59 Water Water
Nimbus Gem Chest Wizard 59 Fire Fire
Thunder Print Machine Shaman 60 Metal Metal


Name Job Level Element
Iron Malefic Machine Dancer 57 Wood Wood
Gyro General Hunter 61 Metal Metal
Black Steel Ghost Martial Artist 63 Fire Fire
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