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The item mall is a place where players can purchase unique items using Suba Points (SP).

Suba Points can be gained in the following ways:

  • Purchased through:
  • Earning free Suba points:
    • Free Suba Points can be earned by completing minor tasks on your Profile under the "To do list".
    • Logging in to Suba Bank, and clicking "Want to get free SP?" in the upper right shows many more opportunities. (Note: if you use AdBlock, this will require you to whitelist Suba by clicking the AdBlock icon and "disable on".) These tasks usually require giving out personal information or viewing ads (that you can mute) so use your own judgment.

Item store.gif The in-game item mall can be accessed by clicking the $ on your menu list and entering your bank PIN. It is unknown if there will be a web item mall.

The in-game item mall gives you the ability to preview costumes on your character. Item mall purchases can be picked up through the Messenger or delivered to you when you log on.

In order to combat gold sellers, the item mall has gained a restriction where players must be at least level 10 and have had at least 12 hours logged into the game before making a purchase.

For a list of item mall items, see Item mall/Items.