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For the monster in World of Pandora's Box, see Ivy Spirit (World of Pandora's Box).
Ivy Spirit

Ivy Spirit

Level 34
Job Doctor
Element Wood Wood
Skill Nibble Nectar
Behavior Aggro if the player's HP is half depleted
Capturable Unknown
Location Grassgreen Square
Experience 4000
Fame None
Quests Nectar Collection Mission
HP 4565
Physical Attack 198
Physical Defense 78
Accuracy 26
Evasion 26
Magic Attack 124
Magic Defense 53
Magic Accuracy 5
Magic Evasion 8
Drop Rate
Puffin Pollen 3.5%
Frog x14 7.5%
Nectar (Quest only) 33.3%
Poisonous Fang 13%
Dog Onyx (25~35, slot 2) Unknown
Lv6 Puppet Spring Cleaning Scroll Recipe Unknown
Lv6 Whirling Frost Scroll Recipe Unknown
Recipe: Iron-Plated Baton
40 gold
Frog x7
Poisonous Fang
  • Note: Drop rate based on 200 kills with moderate luck
  • Note: Nectar drop rate based on 90 kills with moderate luck