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Jack Rabbit
Jack Rabbit

Race: Rabbit
Gender: Male


Eversun City (X:255 Y:260)


Jack Rabbit's Commission

Jack Rabbit is a Quest NPC.

The NPC for this quest is located in Eversun City, Player Community level 1 (X:255, Y:260). Jack Rabbit is in love and wants to propose to Jenny. Talking to the NPC will start a very long, albeit cute, cutscene where Jack Rabbit comes up with a plan to propose to his Jenny. He asks Harry Hare for some help and gets a list of stuff to get to create the best proposal. Your task will be to deliver the mats to Jack for him to create each item on the list. Collect the items on the list and return them to Jack. Each time you deliver the required mats, you get an achievement. You will get a title, Wardrobe Transformation Scroll, level 70 suit armor and suit weapon scroll upon completion of the quest. The scrolls are non-tradable.
The quest is non-repeatable.

Tip: collect the mats before starting the quest. You will need level 5-7 collection mats from Forager Fairy. These are the mats required in total:

If you use Forager Fairys you need 9 big fairies with these tools (45 total):

Quest 1: Crown of the Stars[]

Achievement: Princess/Her Royal Highness

Quest 2: The Love of Two Hearts[]

Achievement: Loved By All

Quest 3: Dancing Incense Fan[]

Achievement: Dancing Gracefully

Quest 4: Step Shoes[]

Achievement: Tiptoeing Around

Quest 5: Wedding Luncheon[]

Achievement: Wedding Banquet

Quest 6: Wedding Ring (My Heart is Eternal)[]


A message will be broadcasted in Eversun City upon completion.