Red Rabbit Rook

Race: Rabbit
Gender: Female

  • Wolf Cub Fur Request
  • Collect Wolf Skin Request
  • Collect Beat Wild Bear Request

Jenny is a Quest NPC.Jenny is located at X:352 Y:472 in Mount Babel. You must have previously completed Harry Hare's quests before you can start hers.


  • You must keep the Assorted Carrots Gift Box in order to start this quest. Although it is a usable item, do not use it; if you do, you'll have to start all over. Once you have completed all of Jenny's quests, it is safe to dispose the Assorted Carrots Gift Box.
  • Remember to keep sufficient space in your inventory when reporting quests, as there is a Glitch that will allow you to report with a full inventory, only to realize you have to redo that quest.

Wolf Cub Fur RequestEdit

Collect 100 Young Wolf Furs from Wolf Cub. Level 60 recommended.


Wolf Skin RequestEdit

Collect 10 High Class Wolf Skins from Male Wolf and Female Wolf (and possibily Alpha Female Wolf and Alpha Male Wolf). Level 60+ recommended.


Beat Wild Bear RequestEdit

Collect 100 Bear's Paws from Little Wild Bear, Wild Bear. The quest suggests Grizzly Bears. Level 60~65 recommended.


Defeat the White BearEdit

You need to kill the White Bear in a plot.


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