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Race: Shura
Gender: Male


Phoenix Tower (X:127 Y:90)

  • King-Size Kuku Egg Extermination Mission
  • Female Bird of Paradise Extermination Mission
  • Little Croaky Collection Mission
  • Giant Bird of Paradise Meat Mission

Kevin is a Quest NPC.

Suggested level: 22

Location: Phoenix Tower X:127 Y:90

Mission briefing: Kevin originally lived in another world. One day, for no reason, he was summoned here by a drifting old man who seems to be wearing a Shaman's Compass on his back. He was told that this world is succumbing to chaos, and needs his strength in order to change it. Since then, he has been trapped in Phoenix Tower, and needs help from the player.

King-Size Kuku Egg Extermination Mission[]

Exterminate 50 King-Size Kuku Egg.


Female Bird of Paradise Extermination Mission[]

Exterminate 60 Female Bird of Paradise.


Little Croaky Collection Mission[]

Locate 5 Little Croakys. Recommended order:

  • Croaky #1 (X:81 Y:94). First floor, in the hallway near the dead end.
  • Croaky #2 (X:248 Y:90). Second floor, in the large room with the King-Size Kuku Papa and King-Size Kuku Mama.
  • Croaky #3 (X:247 Y:125). Second floor,in the hallway
  • Croaky #4 (X:416 Y:124). Third floor, with the Female Birds of paradise and Male Birds of paradise
  • Croaky #5 (X:409 Y:94). Third floor,just infront of the entrance to the fourth floor


Giant Bird of Paradise Meat Mission[]

Exterminate 1 Giant Bird of Paradise. You will receive Giant Bird of Paradise meat. Must complete all 3 of Kevin's other quests to unlock.