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Race: Shura
Gender: Female

  • Kiki's Quest

Kiki is a Quest NPC.

Requirements: Wizard job, 40 Scrolls, 20 Burial Bands, 20 Red Fragments, 10 Blue Fragments

  1. Fine Bamboo.gifFind Kiki at X:333 Y:326 in Swan Lake Basin. She will give you a Green Bamboo Stick.
  2. Switch to the Wizard job, or get a Wizard into your team, and have 20 Scrolls in your inventory.
  3. Find Jean the Junior Servant at the bottom of the first floor in Farrell Family Crypt (X:399 Y:115).
  4. Find Brother Barebonce at X:491 Y:464 in Eversun North.
    • Bug!Bug! Suba: Brother Barebonce will repeatedly tell you the incorrect ingredients to give him. He actually needs 20 Red Fragments, 10 Blue Fragments and 20 Burial Bands.
  5. After giving him the ingredients, he will cast a 10 minute long buff on you called "Spiritual Ward". You must return to Jean the Junior Servant in the Crypt before this buff runs out.
  6. FIGHT: Speak to Jean the Junior Servant as a Wizard with another 20 Scrolls. You will be fighting 6 of her at once (level 19 metal Witch Doctor). In addition to the skill Creepy Wind, they do cast a poison on you called Grief-Stricken Heart. Receive 19,600 experience points after defeating them.
  7. Return to Kiki in Swan Lake Basin with the Green Bamboo Stick to receive your rewards. This quest is repeatable.