King Bonefish

King Bonefish

NPC Red Crystal

The entrance to the King Bonefish Instance is located at (X:535 Y:212) in Bigbeam, through a red crystal.


  • Defeat King Bonefish (530,655 hp).


Name Job Level Element
King Bonefish Fencer 65 Water Def, Non-Elemental Atk
Exploding Bonefish Mercenary 60 Water Def, Non-Elemental Atk


  • King Bonefish can spawn 1~5 Exploding Bonefish which will kill (or heavily debuff if you survive the hit) all players in range if they explode. Mega Medicine can completely mitigate this.
  • While the Exploding Bonefish are spawned, King Bonefish will take much more damage, but his HP recovery is increased.


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