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King Glob

King Glob

Level 32
Job Dancer
Element Earth Earth
Behavior Aggro
Capturable Unknown
Location Neptune's Temple
Experience 5400
Fame None
Quests Secret of Pandora's Box
HP 4607
Physical Attack 151
Physical Defense 56
Accuracy 24
Evasion 24
Magic Attack 108
Magic Defense 45
Magic Accuracy -5
Magic Evasion 53
Drop Rate
Split Bamboo 14.5%
Wine 10.5
Frog x7 6.5%
Clay (Quest only) Unknown
Lv6 Puppet Water Spirits Scroll Recipe Unknown
Lv11 Acid Rain's Curse Scroll Recipe Unknown
Recipe: Moon Lute
35 gold
Frog x7
Split Bamboo
  • Note: drop rate based on 200 kills with slight luck.