Notes: Spawns after killing 6 Giant Flying Noisy Snakes
Monster Hard This is a Vengeance Boss.
System Announcement: The death-honks of the Giant Flying Noisy Snakes summon the King Noisy Snake to avenge their deaths.
King Noisy Snake

King Noisy Snake

Level 65
Job Musician
Element Water Water
Skill Sonic Blast Wave, Sonic Blast Wave Cannon, Befuddling Melody, Sky Light Cannon (Only between 6am~6pm server time), Moon Light Cannon (Only between 6pm~6am server time), Echo Impact
Behavior Aggro
Capturable Unknown
Location Dragon's Den
(X:186 Y:154)
Experience 672,750
Fame 954
Quests Unknown
HP 530,665
Physical Attack 498
Physical Defense 162
Accuracy 49
Evasion 49
Magic Attack 309
Magic Defense 244
Magic Accuracy 5
Magic Evasion 10
Drop Rate
Rose PetalsUnknown
1-Carat Yellow DiamondUnknown
1-Carat Red DiamondUnknown
Dairy Pu CouponUnknown
Dreamstone x4Unknown
Savage BootsUnknown
Spooky SlippersUnknown
Blue Magic Upgrade TicketUnknown
Orange Weapon Upgrade Ticket (magic)Unknown
Blue Weapon Upgrade TicketUnknown
Orange Weapon Upgrade TicketUnknown
Dog OnyxUnknown
Rooster OnyxUnknown
Pig Onyx (50-60, s2)Unknown
Recipe: Sickly-Green Stiletto
Recipe: Trident
Recipe: Gentleman's Saber
140 gold
Cirrus Silk
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