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Lazy-Eyed Lizard

Lazy-Eyed Lizard

Level 37
Job Hunter
Element Fire Fire
Behavior Aggro if the player hits monsters of the same type
Capturable Unknown
Location Blakatoa
Experience 4,600
Fame None
Quests Lizard Skin Collection Mission
HP 5,767
Physical Attack 237
Physical Defense 93
Accuracy 48
Evasion 28
Magic Attack 133
Magic Defense 53
Magic Accuracy 20
Magic Evasion 3
Drop Rate
Split Bamboo Unknown
Essence of Florence Unknown
Flying Pupu Coupon Unknown
Frog x?? Unknown
Voodoo Poison Bug x32 Unknown
Lizard Skin (Quest only) Unknown
Lv7 Vines of Early Autumn Scroll Recipe Unknown
Lv7 Puppet Prolong Life Scroll Recipe Unknown
Agate (D) Unknown
Amethyst (D) Unknown
Citrine (D) Unknown
Tigerseye (D) Unknown
Recipe: Intricate Abacus
45 gold
Frog x8
Split Bamboo

The following items are dropped by asterisk monsters.
**Lazy-Eyed Lizard
Onyx of Inspiration: Break Spell (30-100, 2%)
*Lazy-Eyed Lizard