League of Pinball Chief
League of pinball

Race: Sprite
Gender: Male


Eversun City (X:260 Y:199)


League of Marbles

League of Pinball Chief is a Quest NPC. Speak to him to take the League of Marbles quest. You must be at least level 30 to take it.

The League of Pinball Chief has won a game but some people owe him pinballs. He will ask you to collect them from three different NPCs. The ones he will ask you to find will be random. You can do this up to seven times a day.

  • Jonathan at X:157 Y:214, inside the Outfitter
  • Harley at X:175 Y:239, at the Bank
  • Sam at X:217 Y:305, near the Ironmonger building
  • Eathon at X:176 Y:126, inside the Pet Shop
  • Charles at X:185 Y:147, inside the Boutique
  • Samuel at X:175 Y:272, inside the Eversun Inn
  • Lisa at X:221 Y:125, inside Seizer's Palace
  • Gabriel at X:169 Y:306, inside the Arms Dealership
  • Lary at X:211 Y:245, inside the Drugstore
  • Caesar at X:157 Y:183, at the Dojo

When you have collected pinballs from three NPCs that he asks you to, speak to the League of Pinball Chief to receive your rewards.


For the first five times:

  • 10,280 experience points
  • 10 Eversun City prestige fame

For the sixth time:

  • 15,280 experience points
  • 10 Eversun City prestige fame

For the seventh time:

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