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To learn how to fly you must complete the quest called Learn How To Fly. As soon as you pick a job or reach level 15, you will automatically receive this quest. The required level to complete this quest is 15, though you can get the required item from the Flying Frog King at level 10.

  1. You will have to defeat the Flying Frog King, who is located in the north half of Swan Lake Basin. Enter the area from Eversun North, otherwise you will not be able to reach him. Flying Frog King can be located (X:250 Y:274)
  2. Do not attempt to defeat him alone if your level is below 25, as the Flying Frog King has a massive amount of health (39,313 HP) and deals a lot of damage for his level. A team is recommended. You will have 20 minutes to defeat him.

3. After defeating the Flying Frog King, you will receive Flying Frog Powder (not tradable) which you must return to Randy Charleston in Eversun City (X:234, Y:215). He will give you a Trainer Flying-Sword. You can now fly!

Flying controls[]


Fly by going to your Skills Menu (Ctrl + X), going to the Everyday skills tab and selecting the Flying icon. You may fly with the Trainer Flying Sword or any available weapon that can be equipped by your job. You can move using standard movement controls (WASD or mouse).


Landing can be done at landing pads, indicated by a light blue V on your map. To land, hover above the landing pad and click the land icon above your chat box.

If you bring up the area map while you are flying, you can auto-fly by clicking on your destination. What happens is that you fly straight up as far as you can, then you fly a straight line to your destination, and then fly straight down. Movement with the mouse will take you out of auto fly and any movement with the camera during flight mode will be brought back to its flying position.

The Flying Fairy[]

Flying Fairy

Flying Fairy

When you complete the first flying quest your flying speed will be 48. However, this amount, as well as your flying skill, can be increased by completing various quests. After you complete the main flying quest you will automatically gain another quest and help Randy Charleston find the Flying Fairy in Eversun City.

The flying fairy circles around the center of Eversun City in a counter-clockwise direction, her exact path with heights can be found below. After you've talked to the fairy, she will increase your flying level from 1 to 5. Go back to Randy Charleston and talk to him. He will further increase your flying level to 10. Your flying speed will now be 56.

Fairy Path

The flying fairy takes 7 minutes to complete this path. Black numbers shown are heights, with 65 as the lowest and 225 as the highest.

More flying quests[]

You can do these quests to increase your flying level up to 22.