Domo Wiki
  1. Speak to Long in Swan Lake Basin (X:595 Y:521). He will request a "soft white" item from a nearby monster.
  2. Kill Pure White Pupus until you get a Pupu Paper.
  3. Lucky Charm
    Return to Long. He will give you a Lucky Charm.
  4. Then, he will ask you to search for his roster and gives you Phoenix Tower as a hint. Instead, talk to the Farming Merchant at X:579 Y:521 and buy a Hay Hoe for 300 gold. (Instance uses 100 durability on the Hay Hoe)
  5. Pass
    FIGHT: Now head to the Pile of Dirt at X:337 Y:217, in the north part of Swan Lake Basin. A plot event will begin and you will have to defeat 3 Black Baby Bow-Wows (all level 25 non-elemental Dancers). After killing them you will receive the Rumble Rhythms Roster.
  6. Deliver the roster to Long and receive your rewards.