1. Clear your inventory of unnecessary items, as you will need at least 13 free spaces.
  2. Speak to Old Rex in Swan Lake Basin at X:557 Y:126. Pay him 500 gold to enter the competition. Receive a Contestant ID.
  3. You will have 15 minutes to kill bring back as many Rotten Teeth as possible to Old Rex. The teeth drop from Dairy Pu Dada. The start time will be noted in your Mission Journal (Ctrl + C).
    • Beast FangEach Rotten Tooth takes up its own inventory space.
    • The Dairy Pu Dada will still drop their regular items (Beast Fangs, Divine Handbells, etc.) so rearrange your inventory accordingly.
    • Due to flying time, consider the area near Medicine Monarch Memorial.
    • The amount Eppy will come back with is random but maxes at 11 Teeth. Make sure you have at least 12.
  4. Return to Old Rex within the limit and if you have more Teeth than Eppy, he will give you your rewards.


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