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NPC Sprite Male 4


Description: Meet up with a student who claims to have trained under the famous Luce Bree.

Location: Collington

Fly to Collington and meet the disciple of Luce Bree, Sheldon, located at X:414 Y:389. If needed, make sure your health is at its maximum, bring health consumables, or bring a trapped monster to aid you in battle. Once you speak to Sheldon, he will ask you if you want to learn some of Luce Bree's techniques. You have two options, both of which result in a battle with him.

Depending on certain player factors, this fight may be easy or hard. Sheldon is a level 25 staff martial artist that uses Coiled Serpent Staff and Swizzle Stick. Once defeated, he will give you back your 1,000 gold if you paid him and his sister will arrive, who will give you your rewards.