1. Speak to Ian Saveloy at X:222 Y:160 in Eversun City.
  2. Invitation
    Give the Resume to Hector Marshall (Humphrey Marshall) at X:117 Y:166 in Eversun City.
  3. Certificate
    Speak to Hector again and give him 10,000 gold. You will receive this back after you have completed the quest. Receive Marshall's Secret Business Contract.
  4. You will need 20 Vitamin B Pills, 20 Lesser Temporal Powders, 20 Stuffed Mushrooms and 20 Ginger Teas.
  5. FIGHT: When you have the above items, find Ian Saveloy at X:701 Y:183 in Copperhorn Mountain. Fight a Bandit Chub (23 non-elemental Merchant, 3145 HP) and Bandit Lank (25 non-elemental Merchant, 4718 HP). Receive 1 Grizzly Garrison Peace Tract.
  6. Return to Hector(Humphrey) at X:117 Y:166 in Eversun City with the treaty.


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