Domo Wiki

Suggested level: 20

Mission given by: Wolfgang

Location: Eversun South - 628, 351

Mission briefing: Wolfgang comes from a line of famous musicians, but since his father passed away, the family fortune has dwindled and he finds it hard to make ends meet. He intended to ask for help from his father's good friend, Mr. Clothear in Eversun City, but the other monks in the monastery didn't seem to be very welcoming.


  1. Make sure you have an instrument with you and talk to Wolfgang in Eversun South (X:627 Y:351).
  2. Find Mr. Clothear in Eversun City (X:145 Y:79) and explain the situation. You will receive Mr. Clothear's Letter.
  3. Send a letter to the Pasturiser at X:102 Y:532 in Eversun North and find out the best way to get rid of mice.
  4. The Pasturiser needs 3 Cypress Wood and 3 Liquid Rubber. These can be obtained from Tree Hole Kuku and Oak Hole Kuku, who can often be found outside the Farrell Family Crypt.
  5. Glue Trap
    Return to the Pasturiser and exchange them, plus Mr. Clothear's Letter for a Glue Trap.
  6. FIGHT: With the Glue Trap, return to Mr. Clothear in Eversun City. You will be fighting Lulu, a level 25 non-elemental Musician. You will receive Grey Fur.
  7. Report this good news to Wolfgang in Eversun South.