1. Talk to Anson Charleston in Eversun City (X:140 Y:305). Anson will speak as though you are not a qualified shaman, and the journal won't update, but you can continue the quest, regardless.
  2. Go to Charleston Manor in Blakatoa and speak to Nanny Charleston at X:175 Y:418.
  3. If you do not already have a Sandalwood Incense with at least 100 durability, you can buy one from the Meditation Merchant nearby at X:194 Y:398. The 196/980 incense is sufficient, and costs 300 gold.
  4. Prepare for a fight, and return to Nanny Charleston with a Sandalwood Incense with at least 100 durability remaining. You do not need any Meditation skill to do this step. 100 durability of the incense will be consumed, and a fight will begin.
    1. First wave: three Tadpole Tyrants (22 Shaman, Non-Elemental).
    2. After defeating them, the second wave spawns immediately: one Croaky (24, Shaman, Non-Elemental) and two more Tadpole Tyrants.
  5. Defeat all the monsters and Nanny will then reward you.


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