Before starting the quest prepare 5 each of Itching Powder, Snakeskin, Bat Wing, Black Spider Juice and Voodoo Poison Bug.

  1. Find Cody Ray in Eversun South (X:416 Y:127). Chose to help and view scene.
  2. Go to Darkdale and find the Drugstore Owner at X:354 Y:302. He will want you to collect and give him an unknown number of Itching Powder, Snakeskin, Bat Wing, Black Spider Juice and Voodoo Poison Bug.
  3. Killjoy.png Give the Drugstore Owner one of each ingredient to get a Killjoy, and then head to the construction site in Darkdale and talk to the Poison Tester at X:184 Y:149.
  4. FIGHT: Agree to let him test the poison to enter a fight with a level 24 Non-Elemental Witch Doctor. Make sure you pick up the Vomit he leaves behind before the plot segment ends.
  5. Head back to the Drugstore Owner and give him once again one of each ingredient. Ignore whatever suggestion the Poison Tester gave.
  6. Vomit.png Go back to Poison Tester for a new fight and another Vomit. Keep repeating until you have four vomits.
  7. The fifth time give once again only one of each ingredient to the Drugstore Owner, however, this time all the vomits will be removed from your inventory.
  8. FIGHT: Return to the Poison Tester to get the success scene, you will still have to fight though, but this time against a level 25 Non-Elemental Witch Doctor.
  9. After completion you will receive the Pharmacheck Certificate that you take to Gu Deyeh in Eversun South to complete the lifequest.

Note: There's a small chance of getting the success scene that gives you the Pharmacheck Certificate before five rounds have passed. The vomits will in these cases still remain in your inventory. It's unknown if this is a bug or not.

Note: In addition, player can prepare more ingredients, obtain more vomits, and store the extra vomits in the warehouse. These vomits can be withdraw and used in Level 30 Witch Doctor Life Quest.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

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