1. FIGHT: Talk to Master Raven (X:253 Y:250) in Copperhorn Mountain, you will be fighting Master Raven (level 35 non-elemental Blademaster, 18,136 HP).
  2. Upon defeating him, head to Giantwood Forest near the middle Forestry collection area to find Anthony and Johnny next to the Forestry Merchant (X:263 Y:312).
  3. FIGHT: After listening to their conversation, talk to one of them. You will be fighting against the two of them (level 30 non-elemental Blademasters, 5,006 HP) and another blademaster named Marie (level 35 non-elemental Blademaster, 20,350 HP).
  4. Grand Gold SwordOnce you have defeated them, pick up the Grand Gold Sword before the plot event ends.
  5. Report back to Master Raven in Copperhorn for your rewards.


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