You will need:


  1. Go to Swan Lake Basin and find Long (X:595 Y:521). He will give you a Dancer's Costume Receipt.
  2. Take this Receipt to Placid Plain and find Master Lotus (X:523 Y:543). Watch out for Bow-Wow Bum Bosses and Bonkers Bow-Wow Bums, as they lurk nearby and aggro. (Note that you can talk to this NPC when flying.) He will ask for 3 Silk Cloth and 3 Violet Gold Bellflower to finish the costume.
  3. Speak to him again once you have the items.
  4. Travel to Grassgreen Square to find Harriet the Dancer in the Farm area (X:117 Y:469).
  5. Upon talking to Harriet you will then engage in a battle with Holly, Hyacinth and Haidee (two level 30 Dancers, one level 33). They cast Ferocious Fandango and Flying Swallow Fandango. If they are too difficult to defeat on your own, use a pet for assistance. When you defeat them, you will receive a Sapphire Samba Suit.
    Sapphire Samba Suit
  6. Return the costume to Long in Swan Lake Basin and receive your rewards.


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