1. Find Old Rex at X:211 Y:599 in Eversun North. You will enter another shooting competition. The only weapons you may use are your bow and arrows.
  2. You have 3 minutes to compete and beat Eppy's score (you will need at least 70 points). You will be standing on the hill and shooting targets that run by at the bottom. You cannot go past Wendy and Lisa Jane.
    • Flying Pupu Targets are worth 1 point, White Pupu Targets are worth 5 points.
    • Use your mini-map (Ctrl + F) to see which direction the targets are coming from.
    • Since the targets run by pretty quickly, you may want to use a pet, since they are not restricted by the boundary.
  3. When you have beaten Eppy's score, you will receive your rewards.


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