1. Dried Fish
    Go to East Sea Plain and speak to Eileen at X:450 Y:542. Receive a Dried Fish.
  2. Go to Eversun City and give the Dried Fish to Hector Marshall at X:117 Y:166. Receive an Eversun Drugstore Official Document, a Darkdale Drugstore Official Document and a Collington Drugstore Official Document.
  3. FIGHT: (You don't need to follow the order.)
    • Give 6000 gold and the Eversun Drugstore Official Document to the Eversun Freight Transporter at X:212 Y:242 in Eversun City.
    • Give 6000 gold and the Darkdale Drugstore Official Document to the Darkdale Freight Transporter at X:360 Y:298 in Darkdale
    • Give 6000 gold and the Collington Drugstore Official Document to the Collington Freight Transporter at X:337 Y:277 in Collington.
    • Each time you give the item, you need to fight Bandit Chub (level 30 non-elemental Merchant, 7172 HP) and Bandit Lank (level 28 non-elemental Merchant, 6834 HP).
    • Receive Eversun Delivery Contract, Darkdale Delivery Contract, and Collinton Delivery Contract after their defeat.
  4. Take all three contracts to Eileen in East Sea Plain (X:450 Y:542).


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