Domo Wiki

Suggested level: 30

Mission given by: Mr. Clothear

Location: Eversun City - X:144 Y:79

Mission briefing: Mr. Clothear had brought Wolfgang back to live with him for a short while before he left a letter and ran away. Mr. Clothear is worried about the child's safety and asks you to help search for him...


  1. Talk to Mr. Clothear in Eversun City. He will give you a Nameless Lute.
  2. Go near the southeast lake in Grassgreen Square to investigate the whereabouts of Wolfgang and the mouse demon Lulu. Click on The Shaded Spot on the ground at X:466 Y:498. You must have an instrument equipped, otherwise the plot will not start.
  3. Fight 6 Doity Rats. You will receive a Music Box.
  4. Search for the musical scores hidden in Placid Plain, Giantwood Forest and Grassgreen Square. There's a rumor that they've been seen by herders, lumberjacks, and fishermen. It's possible that they are hidden near these collection areas.
    1. You can buy the Collection tools in Collington (Gregory Marshall, X:275 Y:353). Buy 1 Shoddy Rod, 1 Stone Ax and 1 Barley Acceptable Fodder. Head to the spots (you will see yourself talking when you approach to the area):
    2. Grassgreen Square: X:192 Y:118 - Puddle Pebble. Receive Minim Scores. If you have trouble finding the dialogue bubble, take 10 steps away from the rock and try one of the following methods:
      • Stand in the middle of the outer NPC (aka the trough), zoom the camera to first person-view, and point it directly down. A blue circle will appear when you point it correctly. Click the Puddle Pebble.
      • Set your camera in "Freedom" mode, zoom in all the way, and get the camera close to the Puddle Pebble, almost inside.
    3. Giantwood Forest: X:295 Y:78 - Massive Maple. Receive Quaver Scores.
    4. Placid Plain: X:480 Y:362 - Haystack. Receive Crochet Scores.
  5. Go inside Pandora's Grotto (in Blakatoa) and find Lulu near the portal to the second level (X:313 Y:116). You'll need a musical instrument equipped.
  6. FIGHT: Fight 6 Demonslayer Swordsman (level 22 non-elemental Musicians). You will have the assistance of Lulu and the 6 Doity Rats. During the fight, you can talk to Lulu and order him to use songs that heals Doity Rats or boost their stats. You will obtain Lulu's Necklace.
  7. Lulu's NecklaceReturn to the Shaded Spot in Grassgreen Square and collect your rewards.