Domo Wiki
  1. Speak to Necromancer Hutao in East Sea Plain (X:106 Y:468). She will give you "the letter from Town-God Temple" and ask you to remove voodoo poison from the graveyard.
  2. FIGHT: Head to (X:148 Y:334). You must have the Soul Harmony buff before being allowed to confront the voodoo poison. Upon doing so, you must defeat the Evil Spell of Voodoo Poison (Level 34 Witch Doctor, Yin, ??? HP).
  3. Next, head to (X:83 Y:180), just before the entrance of Town-God Temple and speak to the Town God.
  4. Return to Necromancer Hutao at (X:106 Y:468) and talk to her to obtain your rewards.


  • 1 Necromancer's Spring
  • 300 Fame